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[[underlined]] Pyramid Lake [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] June 21 [[/underlined]] Caught one each of Perodipus & Dipodomys. Set a lot more traps for them. Have to set traps just at dark so the Spermophiles wont get in them. Got 2 Bats in evening. A warm day.

[[underlined]] June 22 [[/underlined]] Caught a Dipodomys & 3 Perodipus & a Perognothus, Shot 2 Rabbits, 2 S. leucurus, 3 Hawks, some lizzards & a snake. Went down to lake. Killed 3 Bats. Cool & windy.

[[underlined]] June 23 [[/underlined]] Caught a Dipodomys & some other things. Afternoon over to a caƱon across on west side of valley but found very little of interest. Got some lizzards. Found the little wild peach & a Felugia & junipers.

[[underlined]] June 24 [[/underlined]] Went down to the Lake (Pyramid Lake) got a boat of an Indian and went to the big island near middle of lake. It is about 10 miles from [[/strikethrough]] no [[/strikethrough]] south end of lake & at the nearest point about a mile from shore. Is rocky, about 500 feet high and half a mile across. An old shoreline 50 to 100 feet above lake forms

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Felugia = Vernon may mean Fallugia? -@siobhanleachman