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[[underlined]] Pyramid Lake [[/underlined]]
a mese part of the way around. Found no birds breeding on it now, though Pelicans & gulls have bred there in great numbers. Found old nests. 
People said there were swarms of Rattle snakes on the Island but I found only 3 [[Utonies?]] & 3 species of lizzards. Spiders were exceedingly numerous. Thomomys hills & evidently Perognathus holes were common & Neotoma signs were seen in caves.

Vegetation is dry, but there is [[strikethrough]] lots of [[/strikethrough]] some bunch grass & Alfilaria. Goats have been put on the island & I saw a few tracks & trails. Got some shells. A good stiff breeze helped me in rowing back but made pretty big waves.

[[underlined]] June 25 [[/underlined]] Sunday. There was one Dipodomys in my traps. Went to S.S., took a tray of mammals and talked to about 80 Indians & a dozen white people about mammals.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Unsure of [[Utonies?]] -@siobhanleachman