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[[underlined]] To Wadsworth [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] June 26 [[/underlined]] Caught some more things & made up skins. Found I could go to Wadsworth in afternoon so hurried up & packed specimens & packed my trunk - started at 3:30. Got mail & Wadsworth & wrote letters in evening, took a 10 P.M. train for Elko.

[[underlined]] June 27 [[/underlined]] Arrived at Elko before breakfast. Tramped around a little & then wrote on my report till noon. In P.M. took traps & set for Microdipodops. Found some tracks that I thought were theirs but guess they were of young Perodipus. Set 50 traps.

[[underlined]] June 28 [[/underlined]] Went to traps early, got a Perodipus, 3 Onychomys, 6 Sitomys, & 2 Tamias minimus. Took up traps & took 7:20 A.M. train for Halleck. Made up specimens & in P.M. set 53 traps for Microdipodops & 6 for Lepus idahoensis. Caught 2 Microdipodops in my hands. Learned something of their habits. Saved one alive.

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