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[[underlined]] Halleck 
June 29 [[/underlined]] Caught 3 Microdepodops, 1 Perognathus, 1 Onychomys, 3 Sitomys sonorensis, 15 Tamias m. pictus, shot an S. mollis & 3 Lepus idahoensis. Made up 16 skins & one bird, reset 61 traps, mostly for Microdipodops.
Weather pleasant, nights cool & days not too hot. Mosquitos bad towards night. Too cold for them nights.
[[underlined]] June 30 [[/underlined]] Got 4 Microdipodops, 3 Perognathus, 3 Sitomys, 6 Tamias, a Thomomys & an adult Lepus idahoensis.
Made up 14 skins. Reset & baited all my traps after 4 oclock. Then went to them after sundown, from 7:45 to 8:15, and found the bait had bee taken from nearly all of them by ants.
Rebaited them. Found 3 Perognathus in the traps from 7:50 to 8. Sun sets at 7:12.
A worm is killing the sagebrush & Tamias minimus is living on the worm.
Have 70 traps set.
[[underlined]] July 1 [[/underlined]] Caught 5 Microdipodops & 2 L. idahoensis
Made up 18 skins.
Hot day, up to 90 [[degree symbol]]+. 

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