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[[underline]]Nebraska [[/underline]]

Left Ewing at 10:30 & arrived at [[underline in red]]Norfolk[[/underline]] at Noon. Bought 2 more No. 0 traps & set 3 for Geomys. Caught one [[underline]]bursarius[[/underline]]. Found hills along creek bottoms but none on clay hills back of valley. Set traps for mice on hills.

The land about Norfolk is rich & is mostly improved.

Hotel Oxnard is a pleasant hotel.

Shot a [[underline]]Lepus sylvaticus[[/underline]] but did not save it, it was bad. 

[[underline]]May 9.[[/underline]] Caught 2 more Geomys [[underline]] bursarius[[/underline]], 3 Arvicola [[underline]]austerus[[/underline]] & one [[underline]]Reithrodontomys[[/underline]]. Found lots of signs of both the latter.

Moved upto [[red underline]] Oakdale[[/red underline]] & set traps for Geomys & Perodipus. Rained most of P.M.

The sandhils & yuccas begin at Oakdale & extend westward.

[[underline]]May 10[[/underline]] Caught only 2 Geomys but they seem to be true [[underline]]lutescens[[/underline]].

Caught 1 [[underline]]Perodipus[[/underline]]   Started westward at 2:15 & reached [[red underline]]Valentine[[/red underline]] at 9:15

Met J.M.Bates on the train.

Went to Ray House, Worked till 3:30 & then

^[[ [[underline]]May 11[[/underline]] ]] got up at 7, took stage to [[red underline]] Rosebud Agency[[/red underline]] & arrived there at 3 P.M.  About 30 miles fare $2-00, Packed Geomys skins, set 20 traps, wrote on report & notes. 

Found Perodipus holes.

Very windy & sandy & dissagreeable day.

Cold morning, hot day, pleasant evening.

Transcription Notes:
Rosebud Agency used to be in Nebraska then relocated

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