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[[underlined]]Rosebud Agency & Pine Ridge[[/underlined]]

May 12 Caught 4 Geomys & a Perodipus & a Perognathus, All taken for the first time in Dakota.

Scared a Coyote out of a brush patch & missed him as he went over the hill.

[[underlined]]May 13[[/underlined]] Sunday.  Found a Perognathus fasciatus in one trap & a P. flavescens in another. Left out the trap where the fasciatus was caught. & brought in the others. Have to be ready for stage at 8 in the morning.

[[underlined]]May 14[[/underlined]] Caught nothing, picked up the few traps left out & started for Valentine at 8 A.M.

Arrived at 4 P.M. 30 miles

Altitude at [[red underlined]]Valentine[[/red underlined]] 2579, Half way House 2725, top of ridge between Half way House & Agency 2775.

Agency 2525, Creek at Agency 2475,

prairie a mile from creek 2700

A lot of ducks in lake at halfway house.

Killed a teal & some longspurs

At Valentine called on Mr. Bates & got some plants identified.

Left Valentine at 9:15 & reached [[red underline]]Rushville[[/red underline]] ^[[Neb.]] at 1:15,  Sent reports. & letters.

[[underlined]]May 15[[/underlined]] Took stage at 7 A.M. for ^[[S.Dak.]] [[red underlined]]Pine Ridge[[/red underlined]] & arrived at 11:20

Called on Agent, Capt. Penny

Set traps. Met Mr. C. R. Corning & Senator C.H. Chyle [[strikethrough]]al[[/strikethrough]] at Rosebud & again here at Pine Ridge.