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[[underlined]]Rushville to Newcastle.[[/underlined]]

[[underlined]]May 16[[/underlined]]
Caught 2 Geomys, 3 Perognathus, & 2 Onychomys. Skinned these & took stage at 1:30 for Rushville & arrived at 6 P.M. A gale of wind blew all day & after 3 P.M. it rained & was cold. Saw nothing along road or any time today. Have to wait at Rushville for west trains till 1:15.

[[underlined]] May 17 [[/underlined]]  Stopped at Chadron & got 3 hours sleep. Took train to Crawford at 7 A.M. & had to wait 20 hours for train to Newcastle.

Cold, windy & rained most all day. Did not go hunting. Finished reports & did a little work indoors.

[[underlined]] May 18 [[/underlined]] Started for Newcastle at 6 A.M. about 5 miles north of Crawford we struck clay soil & saw no more Geomys hills, a little farther along a strip of bad lands began & with them sagebrush, Atroplex & Sarcobatus Plenty of gumbo all the rest of way except along Cheyenne River, where is a broad sandy flat scattered over with small cottonwoods that are in rows & look like an orchard. They seem to grow in rows along old water lines. Thomomys hills were easily recognized when first seen just north of Ardmore. but on the sandy flat of the Cheyenne they are not as easily distinguished & may possibly be Geomys hills.