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[[underlined]]Newcastle [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]]May 20[[/underlined]] Found a few things in my traps but no P. nigripes. Blaine found a coyote den & we dug out 3 youngones & kept them alive. Blaine killed a Lepus campestris

[[underlined]] May 21 [[/underlined]] Caught some Sitomys, Perodipus Cynomys & a Thomomys. Went to town, made up skins. Set more traps for Ferrit. Very windy.

[[underlined]] May 22 [[/underlined]] Caught a few things, made up skins. Went up the creek to where some gray wolves had been seen lately, but found none. Saw 4 antelope but could not get near enough for a shot. Went over towards Big Beaver Creek. Found a Sage grouses nest with 6 eggs. While chasing the antelope 2 of the eggs got smashed. Saw two Lepus campestris, lots of antelope tracks & one wolf track. Found a nest of Swainsons Hawk but no eggs.

[[underlined]] May 23 [[/underlined]] Helped dig out one young Coyote. Caught nothing of account. Went to town. Took 6 Cynomys out of my Ferrit traps.

[[underlined]] May 24 [[/underlined]] Killed and made up 2 of our young coyotes & finished up the other things. Packed a box of skins.

[[underlined]] May 25 [[/underlined]] Took up my traps & came to town to meet Loring but he wired not to expect him till tomorrow. Got my camp outfit together & went up above town & camped. Wrote on my report all the time I could get. A warm day. John Wier began work at noon.