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(3.) [[underline]] Additional Notes on some Birds collected in Arizona and the adjoining province of Sonora, Mexico, by Mr. F Stephens in 1884; with a Description of a New Species of Ortyx.[[/underline]] < The Auk, Vol. II. pp. 196-200. (The new species of [[underline]] "Ortyx" [[/underline]] named [[underline]] Colinus ridgway [[/underline]], Brewst.)

(4.) [[underline]] The Ptarmigan of Anticosti - a Correction.[[/underline]]
< The Auk, Vol. II. pp. 220, 221. (Decided, on comparison with National Museum specimens, to be [[underline]] L. rupestris [[/underline]].)

e. [[double underline]] By H.K. Coale [[/double underline]], Chicago, Ills. 
(1.) [[underline]] A New Bird for Illinois.[[/underline]] < The Auk, Vol. II. pp. 109, 110. ([[underline]] Butes borealis krideri [[/underline]]; the specimen in question presented by Mr. Coale to the National Museum.)

f. [[double underline]] By John Murdoch [[/double underline], U.S.Signal Service. 
(1.) [[underline]] Notes of some species of Birds attributed to Point Barrow, Alaska. [[/underline]] < The Auk, Vol. II. pp. 200, 201. (Based on collections and observations made by the author for the National Museum.)

g. [[double underline]] By Dr. P.L. Sclater [[/double underline]], Secretary of the Zoological Society of London. 
(1.) [[underline]] On the Muscicapine Genus Chasiempis [[/underline]]. < The Ibis, Fifth Series, Vol. III. pp. 17-19, pl.i ([[underline]] Chasiempis sclateri [[/underline]], Ridgw.,the types of which belong to the National Museum collection, is 
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