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[[underline]] U. S. Fish Commission [[/underline]]: Naturalists of the S.S. "Albatros". - During the month the second instalment of birds from the Bahamas was received.  It contained: Skins, 425 specimens, 62 species; specimens in alcohol 166, 22 species.  The collection is, perhaps, of even greater interest than the one previously received, having been made chiefly on islands hitherto not visited by naturalists.  In addition to several specimens of the very rare [[underline]] Saurothera bahamensis [[/underline]] and [[underline]] Dendroica kirtlandi [[/underline]], the collection also contains several new forms which by the curator have been described as [[underline]] Geothlypis tanneri [[/underline]], [[underline]] Centurus blakei [[/underline]], and [[underline]] Vireo crassirostris flavescens [[/underline]]. A small, but interesting, collection was also made at Key West, Florida, containing several specimens of a new [[underline]] Vireo [[/underline]], the discovery of which, however, is originally due to Mr. W. Brewster, by whom it will soon be described.

[[underline]] Dr. B. H. Warren [[/underline]], West Chester, Pa. - 51 specimens, 21 species, in alcohol, from Florida.  (These were received in 1885, but not entered.)
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