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[[underline]] Minneapolis [[/underline]]

[[underline]] May 14 [[/underline]], 1896
Left Minneapolis at 7:40 ^[[insertion]] P.M. [[/insertion]] on the C.St.P. & Omaha R.R.

[[underline]] May 15 [[/underlined]] Daylight at Sioux City.
Waited for train to Columbus via Norfolk & had to wait again at Columbus from 12:30 to 6:15 for train west on U.P. Crops good, lots of rain, rained all day. Cold & chilly
Saw one Lepus campestris & some Cynomys.

[[underline]] May 16 [[/underline]] Daylight at Sidney, Neb., breakfast at Cheyenne. Lunch at Laramie.
Grass good all along. Stock looks well. Not many farms.
Saw the first Spermophilus elegans 2 miles east of Cheyenne. Saw one antelope just west of Laramie.
Dark at Green River City.
Stopped at Fossil at 10:30 & went to bed in a little log cabin.

[[underline]] May 17. [[/underline]]  At daylight I found 2 inches of snow on the ground & the air so full of snow I could not see across the valley.  Went out & tramped till 10 A.M. & found lots of Spermophilus elegans & shot 2.  Saw several L. campestris & a Sage hen.  No Chipmunks. So snowy & slippery I could not get up to the fossil strata

Transcription Notes:
Reviewer- took out extra spaces between lines as Bailey's indents not needing to be reproduced; and corrected indications of underlining.