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cross more sagebrush plains.  At Mountain Home there are some irrigated patches, but the country looks desolate.

At Payette there are more farms and some large orchards of young fruit trees. Apples are in full bloom.

At Ontario & Weiser the Snake Valley is wide and level. Big ditches have been taken out and large areas of land are under irrigation.  The towns seem thrifty & full of life.  A little below Weiser the valley closes and the cañon of Snake River begins. We cross the river at Huntington & find the town up 2 miles from and probably 200 feet higher than the river.  I stopped at Huntington & walked back to the river & shot some spermophiles & set traps.

At this point the slopes come down steep to the edges of the river.  Sandy flats and points lie in places along the shores. A good wagon road runs down the river on the west side about 30 miles - to Powder River.

The hills are rather smoothe and only in places rocky.  They rise steeply from the river to 1000 feet or more on each side.  No trees on them near here, but they are partly covered with plants, shrubs, & sagebrush.

The cañon is full of flowers, most of which