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[[underlined]]May 24.[[/underlined]]
Found a few things in the traps but nothing of great importance.

Saw a [[female symbol]] evening grossbeak feeding on the ground and watched it for a long time.

Got the horses all together & are ready to make camp in the morning if Preble is well enough to start.

Rained in morning, then cleared up.

[[underlined]]May 25[[/underlined]]  Packed our outfit and moved out 2 miles S.E. of Elgin and made a camp.  Went to the traps but caught little. Shot a few birds. Made up skins. Set more traps. Made a trip back to town and found Preble much better but decided not to let him come to camp today. Guess he will not be sick after all.

Cooked some camas and found it fairly good. It is glutenous and solid. Seems not to contain much starch - has no decided flavor but with salt & butter is not bad. We roasted them in the ashes. When raw the bulbs are white, tender, brittle, & milky. When roasted they are almost transparent, mellow & viscid.

Today has been pleasant, mostly clear, and entirely without rain. The evening is cool and clear.