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In passing up the east and around the north end of Salt Lake the mountains on the west of the lake & those north of it show the upper parts well covered with snow.  Even the low ranges have snow in the north gulches. The weather is hot in the valleys & plants are mostly full grown. One could easily find water in the ranges in the desert at this season.

The mountains north of Kelton run west for a long distance, but lo [[strikethrough]]o [[/strikethrough]]se themselves from view behind nearer ranges of hills.  They may or may not connect with the Bruneaus.  A trip from Shoshone Falls to Terrace or to Kelton would settle the question whether Sonoran crosses the range.  [[underline]] Terrace [[/underline]] is a good town to strike in outfitting for a trip south along the west shore of Salt Lake.

Darkness came on before reaching Humboldt Wells.

A [[underline]] Spermophilus mollis [[/underlined]] was seen close to the RR at [strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] Omby, the first section house west of Kilton.