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[[underlined]] Ashland [[/underlined]] to

in a narrow strip where the R R crosses Snowy peaks extend to the west almost high enough for timberline.

The Valley at Ashland seems to be Sonoran though few plants appear to mark the zone. It is a wide, open farming valley.

[[underlined]] May 26 [[/underlined]] Started on bicycle from Ashland to Klamath Falls at 7:45 A.M. Followed up the valley 6 or 8 miles & then turned east over the Mts. Crossed two summits where the Siskiyou break off from the Cascades & down an irregular slope to the half way Stage Station and stopped for the night. Came 33 1/2 mi. Aneroid set at 1900 feet at Ashland read on top of highest ridge 5200, at Stage Station 4550. Came through splendid forest of P. ponderosa, P. lambertiana, Pseudotsuga, Thyja, & on top of ridge a few Abies.

Most of the country is Transition, but the tops of the ridges are almost pure Boreal. Transition species could range freely over the narrow ridge tops even if lower gaps do not occur in the ridges.

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