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[[underlined]] To Klamath Falls [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] May 27 [[/underlined]] Started at 6:30 & made good time for the first 8 miles, then broke a peddle crank & had to run the wheel with one foot the rest of way to Klamath Falls where I arrived at 2 P.M. Came 31 miles. Aneroid at starting read 4450, 6 miles beyond on top of highest ridge it read 5300, at Klamath river it read 42 and at the town 4600.

[[underlined]] May 28 [[/underlined]] Took stage down to Morrill - 20 mi. S. of Klamath Falls, got my team & returned to town for outfit & supplies. Crossed Lost R. which flows into Tule Lake and also the Klamath Slough - a stream flowing from Link River across to Lost R. This is a rapid creek 20 or 30 feet wide & Oliver Applegate tells me it has a fall of some 30 feet. He also tells me that in 1846 Tule Lake was only a Tule marsh some 30 feet below its present level. It has been steadily rising since.

[[underlined]] May 29 [[/underlined]] Returned to Morrill & spent the rest of day in getting ready for a start tomorrow.

A wind & dust storm raged all of the P.M. So it was difficult to work. Hot, dry & dusty.