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[[underlined]] Tule Lake [[/underlined]]

Good road, nearly level, 1000 feet rise at east end. Passed Bloody Point on E. side of lake, where many emigrants have been killed by Indians. A sharp lava escarpment extends all along E. side of lake. Road runs most of way below it & near lake shore. Ranches along lake raise mostly grass & rye for wintering stock.

The lake is unusually high, the tops of fence posts show above water far out. One old abandoned barn stands in 2 feet of water. One large island connected with shore by an almost (& sometimes quite) submerged neck and a lot of small rocky islands lie in the southern half of the lake. Most of the islands are barren rocks, a few small ones have trees that appear to be willow. The water along shore is full of floating algea & dead fish & dirt & has a rank odor, though said not to be salt.

Pelicans are seen in great droves all around the lake shores & scattered over the whole lake. I saw not less than 10000. No one seems to know where they breed. Many double crested cormorants were seen & on one small island the trees were loaded with their nests - hundreds of them.

From the south end of Tule Lake the land rises very gently to [[strikethrough]] Las [[/strikethrough]] Dry Lake - then southward. Sonoran Zone is well marked around the lake and south to and including Dry Lake, but it