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[[underlined]] Tule Lake [[/underlined]]

gives way to Transition where the pines & junipers begin at Timber Butte. The rest of the route is through pure Transition forest of Pinus ponderosa, juniperus [[blank space]], and Libocedrus decurrens. The soil through this forest is a red, firm lava clay in which few burrowing mammals live. I could find no holes to set traps at where we camped.

Saw a few little Tamias (probably pictus) in the sagebrush near Dry Lake, and a lot of big ones in the timber. Killed one of the latter & a S. douglassii. S. [[strikethrough]] beldingi [[/strikethrough]] oregonus are numerous except in the timber where scarce or absent. A few badger holes seen. No Sciurus. No deer tracks.

Camped at a water hole where this mornings rain had collected. No other water found [[strikethrough]] after [[/strikethrough]] since leaving Dry Lake. Grass is splendid and untouched by stock south of Dry Lake. Good feed all the way except close to ranches.

A cool, windy day. Passed over the country where a hard rain had crossed early in the day.