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[[underlined]] Ragtown to Stillwater [[/underlined]] 

[[underlined]] May 7. [[/underlined]] Caught 4 Dipodomys deserti & 2 Thomomys nevadensis & a Perodipus, none of which I succeeded in catching at Wadsworth.

Ragtown is the old name of the town, consisting of one small ranch, where the stage road strikes the Carson River. The name has been changed for the P.O. but the place seems best known as Ragtown.

Followed down the Carson River about 8 miles and crossed to south side then continued parallel with the river, or with its general course. The Carson River is at present nearly full of water and is quite a river 8 or 10 rods wide & too deep to ford. The water is muddy but fairly good & fresh. The banks are abrupt or cut squarely, the channel is very winding, though the current is rapid. A scattered line of big cottonwood trees follows the river banks with but few interruptions.

The whole valley is nearly flat but with many water channels & sink flats & ridges & sand dunes. Sarcobatus vermiculatus is the most