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[[underlined]] Stillwater [[/underlined]]

characteristic shrub among the many saline species. Atriplex confertifolia is [[strikethrough]] A [[/strikethrough]] common, A. lentiformis(?) (specimen saved) grows in many low places, Suaeda suffrutescens(?) Grayia, and Tetradymias are abundant. Grass is scarce.

Many ranches are maintained along the valley near the river and are irrigated by ditches taken out of Carson River. Alfalfa is the principal crop & much stock is wintered in the valley, partly on the tule marshes, partly on alfalfa hay.

Arrived at Stillwater at 2:30 PM and camped at Mr. Kents place. Made up skins & skeletons till dark. A clear warm day, very pleasant Came about 25 miles.

[[underlined]] May 8 [[/underlined]] Went down to the marsh where Carson river empties into North Carson Lake. Set Microtus traps in tules along shore. Saw a great many waders & coots & some ducks. Saw two flocks of glossy ibises - the first I ever saw alive. Clear warm day.
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