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[[underlined]] Osabb Valley [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] May 11 [[/underlined]] I caught only [[underlined]] Peromyscus sonorensis [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] truei [[/underlined]], Oberholser caught Peromyscus, Dipodomys and a Microdipodops. We shot a pair of Orioles = I. parasorum, saw Sialia artica & Cyanocephalus.

Broke camp at 7:30, followed up the gulch a mile to summit and down the east slope of the mts. to Osabb Valley, or as a teamster tells me the south end of Fairview Valley, Crossed this valley due east and entered a narrow gulch called West Gate on its east edge & camped at a well. Came 25 miles & camped at 4 P.M. Aneroid read 5700 at morning camp, 6100 on summit, 4600 in bottom of Osabb Valley, & 4950 at camp.

Osabb Valley is about 15 miles wide and opens out into Fairview Valley to the north, most of the water flowing that way. A big bare mud flat or dry sink occupies the middle of the valley. which is encircled on the south by low ridges & Mts. No old lake shores appear on the slopes - the bottom of the valley is 650 feet above Stillwater & just above the old level of Lake Lehontin. A low gap opens out into

Transcription Notes:
parasorum = parisorum Lehontin = Lahontin