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Carson Sink Valley & another to the south.

The mountains surrounding the valley are low and as bare as the Funeral Mts. They are mainly volcanic rock, and mostly covered with barren soil & slide - not many cliffs or rocky peaks.

The vegetation of Osabb Valley is scanty & dwarfed - Sarcobatus baileyi, Atriplex confertifolia, - A. canescens, Grayia, Tetradymia, and a little Bigelovia are the principal shrubs. Oryzopsis membranacea grows in abundance over the sandy bottom of the valley and cattle come from Fairview Valley to get it. A large flowered Oenothera grows in bunches of 6 to 15 flowers on a plant in such abundance over the sandy bottom of the valley as to give the ground a white appearance for miles. We rode through this fragrant flower garden for 5 or 6 miles, slowly through deep sand. Malvastrum munroanum, a dark blue Delphinium & a white & a pink Abronia & a yellow Ciniceo help to make this desert valley a brilliant flower bed.

Dipodomys & Perodepus & many other small tracks were abundant in the sand and a Thomomys had thrown up hills all along.
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Transcription Notes:
"a yellow Ciniceo" = unknown genus, but can't figure out an alternative. [[slide?]] = maybe "slick". Later transcriber: no, it's "slide", as in a little landslide or landslip. Malvastrum munroana is Malvastrum munroanum