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[[underlined]]April 3[[/underlined]] Left Washington at 9:20 P.M. on Norfolk Western R.R.for Lake Charles, La.

[[underlined]]April 4[[/underlined]] Daylight near Roanoke, Va. snowing hard & 2 inches of snow on ground.

Reached Chattanooga, Tennessee at dark 

Left the snow about noon.

[[underlined]]April 5[[/underlined]], Woke up in forests of [[underline]]Pinus palustris[[/underline]] in E. La., reached New Orleans at 8:20 ^[[a.m.]] & left at 9. Reached Lake Charles at 6 P.M., raining. Went to U.S. Hotel, a wretched place.

[[underline]]April 6[[/underline]], Called on Mr. Knapp & learned that I could stay at Iowa Station. Took first train back & located there, 12 miles east of Lake Charles. Set traps All of P.M. caught 2 geomys & 4 Microtus.

[[underlined]]April 7[[/underlined]], Cough a lot more Microtus & 3 Oryzomys. Made up skins & set more traps. Met Mr. Levi Spalding who traps & hunts & knows a good deal about animals.