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[[underlined]] April 8 [[/underlined]] Caught more Microtus & Thomomys & shot some birds. Made up skins till 12 P.M.

[[underlined]] April 9 [[/underlined]] Sunday, took up traps, made up a few skins, packed up & went to Lake Charles. Found I could not go from Cameron around by boat to Galveston so decided to go direct to Galveston by rail in the morning.

[[underlined]] April 10 [[/underlined]], Got up at 3:30 & took 4:20 train for Galveston via Houston. Arrived at Gl. about 11:30. Went to Fremont Hotel & explored the island Found no signs of Geomys or Perodipus or other mammals of importance.

[[underlined]] April 11 [[/underlined]] Mr. Bray came last night & I found him this morning at the Hotel Grand.

Took the 9 oclock boat over to Bolivar, on the point east of the bay to see if that was a good locality to work. Found it flat, no Geomys or signs of small mammals so decided to try the north