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[[underlined]] Virginia Point [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] April 13 [[/underlined]]
Caught Oryzomys & Geomys & Spilogale & shot a Cottontail. Set more traps & made skins most all day. Clear & windy, warm.

[[underlined]] April 14 [[/underlined]]. Went to traps & got a Mephitis, A Spilogale, a Possum & a Mus musculus.  shot some birds, made up skins and wrote a little on reports.
Clear most of day, windy but [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] warm.

[[underlined]] April 15 [[/underlined]] Left Virginia Point at 5:36 PM for Houston and arrived there at dark.  Went to the Grand Central Hotel and staid all night so as to go west to Richmond by daylight.

All prairie from Galveston to [[strikethrough]] Hu [[/strikethrough]] 3 or 4 miles of Houston, where the the trees begin near Buffalo Bayou.  These trees are scrub pines, oaks, celtis, cratigus & etc.

The prairie is flat and mostly covered over with the usual mounds and Geomys hills are seen wherever the mounds are.  Sisbania bushes, killed by frost, are common, also [[underlined]] Baptisia [[/underlined]] of 2 species

Transcription Notes:
Sisbania = Sesbania