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[[underlined]]Richmond Texas[[/underlined]]

[[underlined]]April 18[[/underlined]], Set traps in timber a mile south of town and along railroad out on prairie. Killed a lot of birds and tramped over a good deal of country.

[[underlined]]April 19[[/underlined]] Bray returned from his trip to Orange and Lake Charles, where he went from Houston to get the ranges of several species of pines.
Went to traps & made up specimens.

[[underlined]]April 20-21[[/underlined]]
Busy trapping, hunting & making specimens-

[[underlined]]April 22[[/underlined]], Took up the last of my traps, packed up and took the 10:41 AM train for Port La Vaca.

Rode all day over the level coast prairie crossed by strips of timber along the streams. From Richmond to west of Colorado River the country is uniformly prairie and heavy timbered strips like the coast prairie of S.W. Louisiana & east Texas, but west of the Colorado River bottoms