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[[underlined]]Port La Vaca[[/underlined]]

there is a change to more arid conditions, dryer prairie with more sand in the soil and a scrubbier growth of timber. This is noticed particularly at the next stream we cross, near Louise, where the trees are mostly low, scattered live oaks - & post oaks. [[strikethrough]] & the [[/strikethrough]] From here west to Victoria we are in a drier region: From Victoria south to Port La Vaca it is all level prairie with scattered Huesatch & Mesquite, black, waxy soil, no mounds or Geomys, good grass & lots of cattle, few farms, plenty of jack rabbits & Pinnated grouse.

Port Lavaca is on the bay shore The only timber is mesquits & Huisache (Prosopis juliflora & Acacia farnesiana).

Went to Bay View Hotel which is the best place we have found in Texas. - new & clean with good service & good food.