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HOW TO AVOID OILE GAME GYPS, by Joseph D. Mountain

brand.  [[strikethrough]] Of course M[[/strikethrough]] ^[[m]]y friend [[strikethrough]] should have become suspicious at the ridiculously low price, five cents per quart, but he [[/strikethrough]] was finally persuaded.  He drained his engine, refilled it with his bargain oil and stared on one of his frequent trips into the desert.  About twenty miles out, [[strikethrough]] he said it seemed as if the engine were going to fall right out of his car.  Finally it [[/strikethrough]] ^[[the car]] stopped-- [[strikethrough]] the bearings [[/strikethrough]] ^[[']] frozen solid ^[[']].
"The next day ^[[,]] he brought me a sample of his bargain oil ^[[.]] [[strikethrough]] and told me his broken hearted story of how he had ruined his beloved little car. [[/strikethrough]]  I put [[strikethrough]] it [[/strikethrough]] ^[[it]] through our regular tests and found that he had been duped into buying ^[[']] still bottoms [[']], the residue which is left in the refining still after all usable gasolines and oils have been boiled off.  This is usually sold as fuel oil [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] ^[[at]] a very low price.  Iy has no lubricated value at all. [[strikethrough]] * [[/strikethrough]]

^[[see paragraph in text]]

The motorist should also take precautions against being gyped when he buys gasoline.  The most common form of gasoline gyp is the short measure racket in which the customer pays for more gasoline then is delivered to [[strikethrough]] him [[/strikethrough]] ^[[his care]].  [[strikethrough]] Various ways are used to accomplish t[[/strikethrough]] ^[[T]]his gasoline [[strikethrough]] " [[/strikethrough]] short changing. [[strikethrough]] " [[/strikethrough]] ^[[is performed in various ways]].

When the old style lift pump is used, if the gasoline level is low in the storage tank, the pump will deliver part gasoline and part air.  But with the modern visible pumps which have a ten gallon glass bowl from which the gasoline is delivered, the customer can see how much he gets ^[[.]] [[strikethrough]] if he watches. [[/strikethrough]]

Be sure, when buying gasoline from a service station using this type of pump, that the bowl is full before the delivery is started.  One of the commonest methods of gyping the customer, is to leave the bowl down one gallon as if a single gallon had been sold and the tank had not been refilled.  [[strikethrough]] Then [[/strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] ^[[I]]f the customer [[strikethrough]] "squawks" [[/strikethrough]] ^[[complains]], the attendant ^[[ " ]] discovers his ^[[ " ]] mistake ^[[ " ]], rectifies it, and everyone is happy.  But the Los Angels County
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