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"No, Harold Dare, you are just in time!"

The malevolent face grinning behind the stubby automatic twisted into a sneer.

"As I thought!" gasped Dare. "Dandy Diavolo!" Aha! Fortune smiles on us today.

"At last, proud Hero, you are in my power;! This time A rich haul indeed.  the tables are turned. In a thousand Flicker Films you eluded my clutches, but [[strikethrough]] [[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] in this episode of your career, [[strikethrough]] [[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] triumph is mine! Never more shall simpering women and sentimental men applaud your [[strikethrough]] [[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] meaningless mummery.  This final scene belongs to me.  Tremble, proud Hero!  You recked not on the efforts of Dandy Diavolo."
But dauntless Harold Dare moved not a muscle.  "Diavolo, [[strikethrough]] [[original text typed over with "x"x]] [[/strikethrough]] the end is not yet.  In this episode, as in every other, right must triumph.  You have overreached yourself."
Diavolo motioned to his henchmen, who had gathered around the two flyers.  "Show these gentlemen into the guest chamber," he commanded, with [[strikethrough]] [[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] another sneer.
Prodded by the muzzles of the henchmen's automatics, [[strikethrough]] [[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] Dare and Craig were conducted into a shack next the hangar, which,from the ground, was seen to be merely a temporary [[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] framework covered with a canopy.
They were forced into chairs and roughly roped. Then the mail sacks were brought in and [[original text typed over with "x"'s]] [[/strikethrough]] flung into a corner.  "Now," commanded Diavolo, "[[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] got gags and the time bomb, and we will prepare the reception for our guests."
"Intrepid [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] though he was, Captain [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Craig]] blanched under his coat of tan ^[[ : ]] But courageous Harold Dare was not to be outwitted.
[[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] "Ho, Dandy Diavolo," he taunted.  "This time you have overreached your ^[[self]] [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]].  Better look into the sacks
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