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[[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] and be sure the films are there before your triumph is complete!"
With [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] an incredulous cry Diavolo swung upon a henchman.  "Get the bolt-cutter!" he snapped.  "Open those sacks!"
Dare's eyes [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] ^[[sparkled]].  He managed to thrust his hand into his pocket, and tossed a small key at Diavolo's feet.  "Here," he said, "don't go to all that trouble.  See for yourself."
[[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] With trembling fingers Diavolo unlocked one of the bags.  *pull the drawstring," advised Dare.
[[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] Diavolo plunged his hand into the bag and draw forth--[[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] a sealed metal can containing a standard reel of film.
"He is [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] sparking for time!" [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] cried Diavolo, enraged.  "Tie them tighter!"
But Dare leaned forward with a tantalizing smile. "are you sure, Dandy Diavolo," he said, "that all the bags contain film?"
"They are heavy enough," growled Diavolo, but without assurance.  He opened another rbag.  It, too, [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] held film. Then he [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] turned the key in the lock of the third bag.  He pulled the drawstring.
Unobtrusively, Harold Dare had thrust his face sidewise, [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] pressing his [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] nose tightly against his fur coat.  He closed his eyes.
There was a tiny tinkle of [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] glass and a slight hiss. "What foolery is this?" shouted Dandy Diavolo.  He drew from th ebag a long, round metal can, shaped like a bottle [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] from the neck of which protuded a few fragments of thin
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