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glass9. [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] The drawstring had apparently been looped about [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] the glass tip of the bottle.  Diavolo [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] plunged his hand into the bag.  The bottle had been held in place by a stuff wire framework.  Below this were [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] cans of film.
"The film is al here!" cried Diavolo, but his voice broke.  Dare stole a sidelong glance at [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] him.  Two great tears had welled up in/the rascal's eyes, and His face was working,.
Dare could not restrain a chuckle.  "What is the matter Dandy Diavolo?" he asked.  "Have you at least repented your misdeeds ^[[ ), ]] and thought over your life of crime?"  It was indeed [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] a droll thing, to see the hardened rogue of a thousand films out/do the most artless ingénue in soulful weeping.  He was sobbing as if his heart would break.  As if catching the spirit and regretting their leader's past, the henchmen also began to cry.  Even [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Craig]], as/if in sympathy, trickled tears.
Harold Dare shot sidelong glances at the henchmen who [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] sat by the door with a gun in his hand.  Tears dropped upon the polished barrel.  The man's shoulders heaved, the gun wavered; he nodded and dropped his hand in utter dejection.  
[[paragraph mark]] Dare waited no longer.  Squeezing his eyes tightly, he hurled himself, chair and all, [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] upon the man at the door.  With a crash th ^[[ e ]] two rolled outside.  Before the dazed henchman could move, Dare had him wrapped and tied. [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] He [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] tied his handkerchief about his own head, covering his nose and partly shielding his eyes.Then he dashed into th eshack and dragged out [[strikethrough]][[original text typed over with "x"s]] [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Craig.]]
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