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January 16, 1945

Meeting with Gen Morse and ops staff of 12th Air Force.  Appears that Gen. Cannon is even more ephatic than was Gen. Twining regarding his desire not to have redeployment mentioned in lower units.  He wants us only to look at the units then tell him what to do about them.  He apparently does not want to do any training at all.  He suggested to gen. Morse that he take units as they are and send them to China, then send back what he couldn't use and get replacements.

There is apparently a strong attitude in the units that "We've fought one war, let somebody else fight the next one, or at least let us get a rest and refitting before we fight another."

Col. Herndon states that the following are the percentages in personnel with respect to time overseas in the two air forces.

[[3 column table]]
  | 12th AF | 15th AF|
Officer over 18 months | 31% | 8 1/2%
EM " " "[[ditto for over 18 months]] | 60 | 25

This tends to show that it would be better to redeploy through the United States.

Example was sited of 33rd Fighter Group (Squadron?) which was embarked and thy thought they were going home to the US.  They ended up in China.  Their morale has been very low ever since.

Many details were discussed.  Gen. Morse gave good talk on conditions in China.  Gen. Morse now very insistent on complete T/O and E being sent.  Any screening will be done in India or China rather than here.  Gen. M. stated that modifications of electrical equipment for trapical conditions was not necessary for China.

It was stated that most of the transportation in 12th AF averages over 40,000 miles.  One sqdn over a year ago averaged over 75,000.  Indicates that much of the equipment is worn out and should be replaced before going into a new theater.

Gen. Morse recommended that no one be sent to China over 38years old except in exceptional circumstances.  Then only on recommendation of his CO on basis of his not being replaceable.  Also recommended careful medical screening.  No personnel should be sent to China with more than 9 months overseas service.

Gen. Morse stated that the weather personnel in China is under the control of the AACS--  That the Air Service Command has its own radio net for handling pt to pt service regarding supplies

Recommend that no p-47 nor p 38s be sent to China account fuel consump.

It was stated that the bombardiers in Italy are not qualified in navigation and that the number of navigators is way short.  Therefore it is necessary to get additional navigators from states.  Another reason for redeploying throught the Us.

Col. Herndon stated that their accident rate is negligible that it is only .98 to 1.5 per 1000 hours.
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