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[[underlined]] Austin [[/underlined]]

Would have reached Austin by dark but had to wait at Taylor - 13 miles east of Austin - until 11 P.M. for an engine to get on the track, so did not get in till about 12 P.M.

[[underlined]] April 10 [[/underlined]]  Went out to the University & saw Prof. Bray.  Drove over prairie & through woods till noon & in P.M. went with the Brays on a long drive west of town among the big hills.  Saw the river where the old reservoir had escaped & saw many traces of the flood.  Among other effects of the broken dam & recent flood were lack of electric lights & street cars, scarcity of water, closed water closets & no clean linen in the hotels.

Three miles west of Austin rise the big, flat topped limestone hills covered with junipers & scrub oaks & forming the first escarpment of the lower staked plain.  At the base of this escarpment is a mesquite & cactus plain reaching to the town