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[[underlined]] April 18 [[/underlined]] 

Went down to Flour Point, 12 miles below Corpus Christi, and crossed a narrow channel onto a sand island half a mile from shore to look for pelican nests.  Thousands were breeding there a few years ago but all have been driven away.  The island is flat & covered with grass & weeds & cactus.  The pelicans used to nest among the cactus.  Saw a few pelicans, herons, gulls & terns & shot an Otocoris on the island.

Went over to the Oso Lagoon & waded out to an island where the Great blue herons were breeding, about 50 nests [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] with 2, 3 & 4 eggs & a few young.

Flour Point & the flat country back of it to the lagoon are all sandy & covered with scrub oaks dwarfed from inland species, & several shrubs, thornless shrubs including a Vaccinium.  This side of the Lagoon on the hard clay soil the shrubs are all thorny.

Came home in a rain after an all day trip.