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[[underlined]] Nueces River [[/underlined]] 

[[underlined]] April 19. [[/underlined]] Took up traps, made up skins and prepared for trip up river.

[[underlined]] April 20. [[/underlined]]  Went to Corpus Christi and then followed up the west side of Nueces R. about 23 miles & camped in Griffiths Pasture at edge of flooded river bottoms.

Traveled through mesquite & cactus chaparral and over open prairie with alternating clay & sandy soils.  Farther up the river the mesquites are larger & more continuous as a forest or "mesquite orchard" which is replaced on the bottoms ^[[insertion]] (now flooded) [[/insertion]] by Huisache.  We could not get out to the real river timber, said to be of elm & ash & hackberry.

Camped under mesquites in pasture & located a few wild Turkeys as they went to roost.

Noted over 60 species of birds along the road.  Saw three species of geese & the tree duck tame at the ranch of John M. Prious near town.

Farms all along the first 15 miles with cabbages & other vegetables as crops, then stock ranches & big pastures.  Cabbages are being marketed.