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[[underlined]] April 21 [[/underlined]] 
Killed a wild turkey before they left the roost in morning.  Found them roosting out over water in Huisache trees on the flooded land.  Later in the day shot another turkey in the woods.
Saw a few more.  Shot some birds.  Set traps.  Watched for turkeys in evening but they did not come back to roost.
Saw tracks of armodillo, coon, possum, skunk, Lynx, coyote, & a few badger holes.  Killed a 4 foot rattlesnake.
Set a few traps.

[[underlined]] April 22. [[/underlined]] Caught Spilogale, Opossum, Perognathus paradoxus & a hawk.  Packed up & made the return trip to Corpus Christi.  Made up skins.

[[underlined]] April 23 [[/underlined]]  Prepared for trip to Brownsville.  Packed up, made reports, got camp supplies.