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Office Register in Bankruptcy,
4th District, North-Carolina.           
Raleigh, N.C., Sept. 28th 1867. 

Bvt Maj Genl N A Miles,
Com  B R F & A L
For the State of NC


I desire to call your attention to the fact that one A A Surgeon A. B. Chapin  now in charge of the Freedmens Hospital at this post is one of the owners of a Certain Political Newspaper called The Raleigh Register which is frequently loud in its denunciation of certain of the officers of the Genl Government, which is forbiden both by 5th Article of War & by 220th paragraph of Revsd Army Regulations 1863 - Having in the past month been a commissioned officer in the U S Army and having been booth persecuted and placed under arrest by the Millitry Authorities for having engaged in political discussion while drawing pay from the N[[Y?]]. I must insist that this rule be applied to D Chapin that was applied to me

Transcription Notes:
1 edit--N A Miles, not W A