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Bureau Refugees Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
Headquarters Assistant Commr State North Carolina
Office of Surgeon=in=Chief 
Raleigh N. C. October 4th" 1867.

I have the honor herewith to return the accompanying communication from Mr. Jno. T. Deweese, Registry in Bankruptcy, and which was referred to me for remarks.

In the first place I may say that I have no personal knowledge of the matters alluded to by Mr. Deweese; farther than the knowledge of the fact of Dr Chapin being a partner in the "Raleigh Register". I cannot, however, see that this necessarily makes him responsible for all the articles which may appear in his paper, inasmuch as he is not the Editor Thereof, this position being held by U.S. Marshal Goodloe who is known as a man of very moderate sentiments. Next I would call your attention to the fact that Mr. Deweese has made no specific charges against Dr. Chapin, but merely asserts that he has denounced "certain officers of the General Government". Even if this be the case, it does not follow that the 5th" Article of War is violated thereby, for Dr Chapin is not either a "Commissioned officer or soldier", and in my opinion Par. 220 Rev. Reg. 1863. would have to be strained to an extreme length in order to meet the present case.