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[[strikethrough]] Received from George Lachett in Culpepper about the 25th of October 1810 in part for the hire of Isach and Maurice   £ 0..12..0 [[/strikethrough]]
[[strikethrough]] rec'd [[/strikethrough]] Received from [[strikethrough]] from Thos  [[/strikethrough]] George Lachett about the first of January 1811 insule for the hire of [[strikethrough]] Isach and [[/strikethrough]] Maurice £ 3..0..0 [[strikethrough]] /2..19..0 [[/strikethrough]]
Received by the hands of Daniel Hammer on 15 January 1811 from [[strikethrough]] Ann [[/strikethrough]] Phillip Smith for the hire of Beck for the year 1811 3..19..4
Received from Joseph Lorndford 1 January 1811 on account of ABR it being due for the hire of negro woman Lenen and child Lewis 7..0..0
Received from Thomas Brown on the 1 January 1811 Twenty dollars paid in advance for the hire of Lipern for the year 1811 it being on account of ABR - 18..0..0
Received some time in August 1810 for ABR by the hands of D. Farmer & Being due for Negro hire from M Evans [[underlined, for total]] 11..17..0 [[/underlined]]