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[[underlined]]To Mother, April 13, 1930[[/underlined]]: It is at last warm enough here so we can open up the sun room once again.  Willie is getting dinner, I am here writing at my desk, and Bab is reclining on the chaise longue reading the "Woman's Home Companion."  She now climbs up on the chaise longue herself and may be found on it reading most any time.  Latest additions to her vocabulary are "chickee - book - wheel - babee."  She seems to understand nearly everything we say to her. ...... I was very much interested in the clipping of the Leavenworth house.  Never did know the exact connection between me and that house until reading the clipping. ...... We went out to Hunter's Lodge Friday night to dinner and dancing afterwards.  It was the last dance of the season for the "Bachelors Club" at the GE.  Tom Sawyer, whom you haven't met, invited us.  Tom is very original, has a gasoline-electric automobile among other novelties, and for this dance decided to import a girl from his home town, Columbus, Ohio.  So, as I say, being always original, Tom imports "Miss America," a Miss Mary Catherine Campbell, who was certainly a "knockout."  She won the Atlantic City beauty pageant for two years in succession about five years ago--the only girl to ever be Miss America for two years straight.  I always had the impression that the girls going in for this beauty contest business were usually common, but this one wasn't.  And so I had the pleasure of dancing with "Miss America" twice during the evening. ...... We are looking forward to the swimming season now.  The ice is all gone from the lake, even along the shore, unusually early this year.  In fact, navigation has already begun.  There was a big steamer here yesterday bringing new cars from Detroit. ...... Willie is very well and likes her new arrangement with Majorie very much.  Bab is in good health too.  You will see a tremendous change in her since January.  We are looking forward to seeing you soon now.
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[[underlined]]To Mother, April 27, 1930[[/underlined]]: We have heard nothing about Mr. Dodd since he left but no news is probably good news in this case.  We don't expect him back for a couple of months yet. ...... I am going to Schenectady tonight and will be in New York Tuesday for the acceptance tests on an 880 horsepower diesel-electric locomotive for the New York Central.

[[underlined]]To Mother, May 4, 1930[[/underlined]]: We shall be looking for you around the first of June and shall be so happy to have you here again.  It will be nice to have a complete household once more.  Enclosed are Chautauqua folders which came recently.  The proofs of Bab's pictures came and are very disappointing.  Bab did not get chickenpox and we are much relieved.  She is the cutest thing and is learning words fast now.  Yesterday she repeated nearly any word we asked her--for example, beach, street car, rock, choo-choo, road, buckle.  You will be surprised at how much she has changed and learned.  She can push her buggy all over the house as fast as she can run and never bumps into anything.

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