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Dr. Mrs Aphia Rouzee
1806  In a/c with Jesse Taylor....[["Qrs" for "quarters" or "Crs"?]]

[[4 columns]]
To weaving 1 piece Cloth  30 yds ....@4 [[superscript; 0? or possibly a symbol to indicate shillings?]]....0-10-0

[[all "Ditto"s in the first "1806" section below are for: To weaving 1 piece Cloth. For the "do" column entries, the "d" is with a superscript "o" and is almost certainly an abbreviation for ditto. First instance also appears to have a "t" crossbar over the "d". These instances would be for "@4" with the superscript "0".]]

" Ditto ...31.... do...0-10-4
" Ditto ...50 ... do...0-16-8
" Ditto ...24 ... do...0-8-0
" Ditto ...42 ... do...0-14-0
1 Blanket furnished your girl ...13/6 ... 0-13-6 

[[sum total line after last set of numbers]]

[[For this "1807" section: "Ditto" for: "To weaving". The first "do" (indicating "d" with superscript "o") is ditto for: "piece cloth" and the second is for: "@4" with the superscript "0".]]

To weaving 1 piece Cloth 41 yds ... @4[[superscript "0"?]] ...0-13-8
" Ditto ...1  do... 31 ...0-10-4
[[sum total line after last set of numbers]]

[[pCr or pQr?]]

By hire of your girl Philice £1-8-0

[[Ditto and d with superscript "o" together below for: By hire of your girl Philice]]

" ditto -- d[[superscript "o"]] for this year...[[underlined]] 3 - - [[/underlined]]
[[sum total line]]
Balance due J. Taylor.  0-8-6

Transcription Notes:
- There is no set formatting for superscript (probably because it is sometimes hard to fit "superscript" directly in without ruining the clarity). However avoid "^[[x]]" because that is reserved for handwritten notes on or near typewritten text. - Needed to clarify what the dittos were for - Spotted some extra random notes To insert the symbol British pound, hold the Alt key while simultaneously pressing 156 on the number key pad. Please review the d^0, unsure if that is correct/accurate. Thank you.