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Book 2

F-1.  Eniwetok, Site Flora.

June 1, 1952  (continued)

5.20 (Drilled from 3420 - 3445)
Few isolated harder spots
3445 - 3450  but still essentially very soft.

7.05  Driller says getting harder at 3555 (5' in 5 min.)

7:08 - 7:13 AM  3555 - 3560

6/1/52 ~ Sunday - 8 AM - 4PM Ladd

3560 - 3562  - 2' @ 1 min each

Shut down to work on pumps, etc. and refill pits; start to resume drilling at 11 AM - cuttings packed in - pulled up; bit plugged, dropped short length pipe inside drill pipe and out of hole; lower part string plugged, coll. box cuttings (drill collars packed)

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All 4 collars packed; freed two, pulled out to remove bit, put collars back in hold and pumped clear.

2:15 PM  Put on bit to go back in hole

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