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4:05 Pipe down to 3560' ready to begin drilling - Stopped to repair equipment (Winch)

5:10 Begin drilling at 3565'
6:07 Reached 3650', still very soft drilling.
6:40 Started pulling pipe
8:35 Pipe out. Core barrel put on.
10:55 Core barrel at bottom of hole. Core taken in about 5 min. Core barrel stuck at bottom. Driller couldn't rotate pipe. Apparently cuttings settled down on drill collar when pumping was stopped to take core. 
11:0 Freed drill collar and started to pull pipe. Pulling pipe at end of shift. Hole to 3655'.

June 2, 1952 - Midnight - 8 AM. Russell
1.30 Pulling core out of hole. Joints very difficult to break & broke tong cable once. 

2.20 AM
And a tong-jaw pin.
And a winch rope.
And a second tong cable

4.00 AM - Core barrel up - 
No core recovery - 
Checked with Ladd - Wants to go right back & try for another core - this time with circulation. 

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