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Bill Springer & Mr Pike had some discussion as to whether it would be necessary to clean out to bottom of hole with  mud and rock bit before making a core run or whether the core barrel could be run right back in with a pit of mud for cleaning hole and coring. It was finally decided that the core barrel was to go back in and hope the mud would clean out ahead of barrel sufficiently to take core. (An alternative to core barrel was suggested by Mr Pike he thought that more of the soft fraction could be recovered by using a special dual-circulation junk basket. The disadvantage to this was that no more than 2 feet recovery is possible and with any kind of luck more than that could be retrieved with the core barrel).

4.35. Mixing mud for core run. 
To end of shift.

June 2 - Mon. - 8AM - 4PM - Ladd

9:00 AM± into hole with heavy mud & ◇bbl.
11:00 start coring (with circulation) at [[strikethrough]] 3655' [[/strikethrough]] 3650' after washing out 90' cuttings. 

[[circled]] 4 [[/circled]]
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