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the Germens then began to increace thir == shell fires all so began to geve us some mor e gas. well just as soon as they stared. it I woke all up. and they were all ready == for any thing that came over nomanland it were a long waite. for that night they did not do what we thought they would do and that were to make a Raid on us. all we got were gas, it did not stay long == we had the gas mas on from 12. o clock to three A.M. they were all made over it for them that were not on gard duty could not go down in thir Dugout ontill == Day. and they shor did bless them Germens that morning there is one theing that I == will say, and that is, this, I never seen == the time yet, that the 15th. N.Y. inf were not ready. they were all ways Ready to go and they did go to the last man ==
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[[strikethrough]] if they [[should?]] [[/strikethrough]], well oir time were up we == had been in the trenches for twenty Days and we were to leve them the next morning and that why they shelled us, they thought that we were leven the trenches, that night but. we were to leve them the next night that time they were a Day a head. we == got out all right. and we had a hard Drill befor us. the other ten Days we did notheing But Drill, some time we Dreeled eight hours a Day. and we were good, good a nuff to go any place, when the ten Days were up we went back to the ourgone [[Note: Argonne]]. but == in a nother sector, we went to the forest part, it is called the argoney [[Note: Argonne]] forest there were notheing there but woods. and I have == never been through all of it yet three times I were in it and all I seen of it were woods. we made it in all right that morning.
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