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This Commission "is constituted for the purpose of aiding and co-operating with the people of those portions of the United States which have been desolated and impoverished by the war, in the restoration of their civil and social condition, upon the basis of industry, education, freedom, and Christian morality."

Rev. JOS. P. THOMPSON, D.D., Pres.

A. V. STOUT, Esq., Treas.
Shoe and Leather Bank.

Rev. LYMAN ABBOTT, Cor. Sec.
14 Bible House.

New York, ^[[9 Sept]] 186

Dear Sir.
I have the honor to introduce to you Rev_ Fisk P. Bewer, late of Yale College, who goes to North Carolina under the auspices of the American Union Commission, to act as its general representative in the States. You understand already our general plans & purposes. Anything you can do to facilitate this [[strikethrough]] in the [[/strikethrough]] execution will be esteemed a great favor.

You wrote me some two or three weeks since concerning the establishment of schools for poor whites. We shall be glad to enter upon this work at once, and have regulated time to confer with you upon this subject & take measures at once to aid in establishing them.  In this [[work?]] we desire to secure as far as practicable the co-operation of the people themselves.

Yours Truly, 

[[signature]] [[Lyman Abbott?]] [[/signature]]

To Col Whittlesey 
Raleigh, N.C.

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