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[[underlined]] The Supreme Wisdom:[[/underlined]]

The Black Nation, The Original People of Our Planet by Mr. Elijah Muhammad

The article below is the second of a series written exclusively for MOSLEM WORLD & THE U.S.A. by Mr. Elijah Muhammad, the leader of thousands of American Moslems. (The first article appeared in the June-July 1956 issue of this magazine.) "The so-called Negroes," for whom these series are primarily intended, are invited to correspond pertaining to their views on the "problems" discussed in these articles with the author direct. His mailing address: is 5335 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago 15, Illinois. 

This great TRUTH has been kept a secret from the ears of the people for the purpose of allowing a non-original people to rule. However, today it is no more a secret. Allah (God) in Person has revealed it and who knows better the secrets of all. 

The Black people have for many years in America been made to feel that they were something of a Divine CURSE and are not to expect anything but to be the Servants for other than their own kind. You must not think that about yourself anymore. We the Black Nation of the Earth are the NUMBER ONE owners of it, the best of all human beings. You are the Most powerful, the Most beautiful and the Wisest. You -- will soon know. Why are you denied an equal chance with your Slavemasters? That is proof enough -- Awake and Unite on to your own kind for Allah (God) Himself and your Nation desire to see you join in unity and love with your kind, and stand up for your own Black brothers, as white people stand up for their kind. 

God (Allah) is against you when we are against each other and our kind. We the Black people, of all people have it the worst! Our brown, yellow and red brothers have had it much better than we. It is now clear to us that our Nation slept to allow our new man (white race) to try his hand at ruling us but that old day is now over. Our Sunrise is now brightening both the Eastern and Western horizons. You and I who have been lost here in the West for four hundred years -- will and are now rising with a new light that Allah (God) has alighted which will superceed the old Sun of the East and West. 

The so-called Negroes who once were the least noticeable of all people, now with Allah on their side will become the world's most notable. The enemy is spending his time and money to try and stop your rising but it will soon become his regret. You can't oppose Allah (God) and win. You are charged with opposing and killing the former Prophets of Allah (God) and today Allah is after revenge. He (Allah) has set a trap and you are walking into it. 

Why shouldn't the so-called Negroes know the TRUTH of GOD (ALLAH) and the DEVILS? Whom could this TRUTH hurt or anger but the devils and their followers? The righteous have waited for this knowledge and are now rejoicing over it. There is a small percentage of ignorant among my people here who are enraged over hearing the truth, but the will soon be quieted down after a better understanding of it. 


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The Author -- Mr. Elijah Muhammad

As the Holy Qur-an says of them: "And among men there is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge and follows every rebellious devil; against him it is written down that whoever takes him for a friend, he shall lead him astray and conduct him to the Chastisement of the burning fire" (22:3-4)

My people are guilty at present of following the devil whose father rebelled against the God of Righteousness six-thousand years ago and are still opposing and rebelling against the God of Righteousness. They have been and still are led astray by this enemy (the devil) without the knowledge of the devil. They can even call me a devil for teaching them the knowledge of the 

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