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[[preprinted]] Monday, January 4, 1909  [[/preprinted]]

While we're speaking of female suffrage, I'm reminded of one Stewart told me the other day. It seems Winckler had out a large plum pudding one Xmas, and a friend had a lot of cranberries where - with to make merry, so they decided to pool their assets and have one bang up Christmas dinner between them. On came the noble bird, but with no cranberry. They said nothing, for these Goanese sons of Nam always have a pleasant surprise ^[[somewhere]] up their sleeves. Finally, along comes the plum pudding, blazing like hell with the blower on, and when the flame subsided, there was the puddin' covered with a sickening layer of charred and blackened cranberry corpses!!! The cook has since died.

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[[preprinted]] Tuesday, January 5, 1909  [[/preprinted]]

I wasn't loaded that l remember of, but l think l must have been, when I bought 4451 offer Bhunjie this morning. I gave him prime price, and then after he had the cheque on the way to the Bank l discovered a bean below where the tip was cut. Thank Heaven the thing cut out a little lower down, but it gave me a hell of a scare, I tell you. Well, I looked at the hollow again, and by gum, there was a lot of ^[[that]] wrinkled skin mixed up with the chisel marks. Luckily it was well down on the bamboo. I'll never say no more I ain't got no luck.
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