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[[preprinted]] Sunday, October 23, 1910 [[/preprinted]]

Went out to Bububu, of course- our regular Sunday afternoon stunt. Eddie has been raising hell about the railroad exceeding it's legal six miles per in the bazaar, and in the endeavor to meet his gracious wishes we got stuck on that hill in the bazaar, both ways. First on one side, and then on the other. Hell of a note. Further then saying Eddie is a damned fool, folks are noncommittal. All one ought to do in a little place like Zanzibar is to think things and saw wood. Eddie is the bright youth who started the Bargani register, too.

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[[preprinted]] Monday, October 24, 1910 [[/preprinted]]

Had my meal-ticket punched at the Deutsche Consulat tonight. As I was the only one not a Germ, I had to talk the lingo or remain dumb. Accent on the "b", please. I made a huge bluff at it, and got through more of it easier than I'd feared. After dinner, gay dog that I am, I had the honor of monopolizing the belle of the evening - you know Frl. von B., the amateur lady Copernicus. We had a considerable discussion and gesticulated and pointed skywards until the [[strikeout]] gong rang. I hope Edie never hears of it. The hook fer me.

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