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New York 22, N. Y. 

                                           November 25, 1960

Dear Mr. Newberry:

How very nice it was to have seen you again, looking so well, after so many years, for it is a long time indeed since I have had the pleasure of your visit.

I was sorry that, due to a previous appointment, I was not able to spend more time in your company and hope you understood my predicament.

Mrs. T. D. Parker conveyed your message that you would give me a ring to let me know when it would be convenient to have me drop in on you, and I am much looking forward to this opportunity.

Herewith you will find my firm's invoice covering your purchase of the elegant drawing by: 

"Portrait of a Young Man"

in the amount of $250 (two-hundred and fifty).
plus 3% sales tax.
This drawing will be delivered to you at the close of our Exhibition in the first days of next week.

With personal regards, 

Sincerely yours,

Germain Seligman

Mr. John S. Newberry ^[[Esq.]]
Carlton House, Apt. 7A
680 Madison Avenue
New York 21, N. Y.

Encl.:one invoice

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